Waiver Statement 2019

My child’s participation in Bricks 4 Kidz is voluntary. I understand that the selected activities may involve accidental injury and hereby voluntarily assume such risks. Knowing these risks, I want my child to participate in this activity. I (on behalf of my child) hereby assume this risk, and hereby waive, release, and discharge Bricks 4 Kidz, its officers, employees, activity instructors and assistants, and all officers and employees of the school or community center sites where said activity will take place, for any and all claims for damages for personal injuries, or claims for damages to property, which my child or my child’s heirs, assigns, executors, or administrators may have or which may accrue to my child’s participation in this activity. I have read the above and understand important legal rights are being waived. I furthermore authorize Bricks 4 Kidz staff to arrange transportation in case of accident or acute illness and to arrange for possible emergency medical and/or surgical care at the nearest hospital unless a hospital preference is otherwise noted. It is understood that an effort will be made to notify me at the above phone numbers. If above such action is taken, and it is impossible to locate me or the above named, the uninsured responsibility and expense of this service will be accepted by me.