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About Bricks 4 Kidz Knoxville Preschool Classes

Your Junior Engineer will enjoy learning about building and engineering as we use gears, axles, pulleys, and other specialized LEGO DUPLO parts that are perfect for 4 and 5 year olds. Each week will feature a different teacher-led model to build and learn with, while we reinforce letters, colors, shapes, and sizes. There will be time at the beginning of class to be creative, and to to modify and play with the model of the day (or just be creative!) at the end of class.

Class Structure

Each week we will have about 15 minutes of creative play time at the beginning of class, with a variety of DUPLO and LEGO pieces for children to play with. When we sit down for our model-of-the-day, the children meet Sam & Sarah, two DUPLO characters who enjoy learning and building.  Each week's lesson starts with Sam and Sarah learning about something or trying to solve a problem. They find their solution through building it with DUPLO. We will build a letter or numner of the day and then, using a very special kit from LEGO Education that includes DUPLO gears, axles, pull wheels, and other special parts (so that 4 & 5 year olds can learn about engineering) we have a teacher-led model build time. Most of the models used in class have been specifically designed by Mr. Chris or another member of our staff. Children will take home a letter-of-they-day sheet as well as a "what I learned today" sheet that reviews our model, and key terms from the lesson. At the end of class we normally have extra time to modify or play with the model, or have additional creative play time. 

Age Recommendations

We follow the Knox County Schools standards for ages. Children must be 4 by August 15 for the current academic year to be old enough for our program, and not yet 6. 

Schedule for the 2019-20 School Year


  • Daytime - 10:00-11 Preschool Jr Engineers (ages 4-5) - starts 8/15/19, 1/9/20 (16 week semesters)


  • Daytime - 10:00-11 Preschool Jr Engineers (ages 4-5) - starts 8/16/19, 1/10/20 (16 week semesters)