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Overview of Master Brick Academy In-Person Classes

  • Price - $79/month.
  • Availability - Limited seating; first-come, first-served. 
  • Class Size - 6-12 students per class (Max of 12 while COVID is a concern. Classes fewer than 6 are subject to be combined with other time-slots)
  • Class Schedule - Scheduled in 4-week increments during academic months; classes are M-F at various time slots. *See members calendar for specific schedule
  • Age Ranges- Steam Builders (K-3rd), Jr. Robotics (2nd-5th), Advanced (4th-6th). *All age ranges are included in the daily classes
  • Payment- Payment is taken once a month at the beginning of the scheduled period. *You may choose to create a secure payment profile that allows you to be charged monthly automatically; an email will be sent out 3-7 days in advance to payment being taken
  • Open Enrollment Period- Month to month enrollment will close the Friday before class is set to begin, and a new enrollment waitlist will open for the following class month
  • Retaining your seat- Existing members will retain their time slot seat for the duration of their membership; however, if plans change and you need a different time slot than previously chosen, you will have priority over those on the waiting list

Overview of Master Brick Academy Virtual Classes 

  • Price - $39 a month. Pricing is from month to month.
  • Availability - Virtual classes begin on November 2nd
  • Class Size - No limit 
  • Class Schedule - 4 new models a month, year-round, released approximately once a week. 
  • Age Ranges- Steam Builders (K-3rd), Jr. Robotics (2nd-5th). 
  • Payment- Payment will be taken once a month on the 1st of the month. *An email will reminder will be sent out 3-7 days advanced to payment being taken *Customers are expected to create a secure payment profile that can be automatically charged monthly   
  • Open Enrollment Period- Same as in person 
  • Retaining your seat- Virtual Members will have priority over waitlist for conversion to in-person membership.
  • Kit Needed: You will want to purchase the 2021 Technic Kit from us.

Overview of Bundled Master Brick Academy (In-Person + Virtual) 

  • Prices- $99 a month. Pricing is from month to month.
  • Availability- Upgrade to the bundled option will be made available to all in-person members on November 2nd 
  • Class Size- Same as in-person classes
  • Class Schedule- Follows In-person. Models used in virtual will have been built in a preceding week at in-person classes.
  • Age Ranges- Steam Builders (K-3rd), Jr. Robotics (2nd-5th). 
  • Payment- Payment will be included with the in-person scheduled payments 
  • Open Enrollment Period-  Same as in-Person
  • Retaining your seat- Same as in-person

Benefits of the Master Brick Academy Membership

  • Members get 20% off all on-site programs (Holiday Camps, Saturday Workshops, Birthday Parties, etc.)
  • By joining the Master Brick Academy you get the BEST price on summer camp! Master Brick Academy members get up to 3 weeks of summer camp included in their Master Brick Academy membership for $50 each (the price of the deposit for camp) for their May, June, and July Master Brick Academy Monthly Payment. 
  • Members will get many cool take-homes at various times during their time in the academy;  including mini-figures, LEGO name badges, Bricks for Kidz T-Shirts, and "monthly theme" goody bags of LEGO pieces