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Overview of Master Brick Academy @Home Classes 

We're excited to partner with families to help inspire & mentor the next generation of rocket scientists & robotics engineers!

Whether you are socially distancing, or just want to enhance and expand on the in-person class your child already has with us, we're excited to be able to offer this @Home extension of our classes for budding Rocket Scientists and Robotics Engineers.

As Easy as 1-2-3 ...

1 - Try Out a Free Sample Class

2 - Get our exclusive 2021 Technic building kit

Build It!

  • We've developed our own kit of hard-to-find pieces that are perfect for helping kids learn the basics of robotics and engineering with LEGO
  • A new model every week!  
  • Available for purchase in-store or online for local pickup. We'll email you once the order has been pulled for pickup. 
  • Check out Kit Options at

Motorize It!

  • Only Level 1 can be built with the kit alone. This is a great start for newer & younger builders. Level 2 or 3 of each model needs a LEGO Motor and Battery Pack.
  • You can purchase the Power Functions Motor & Battery from our online store for local pickup or from or (parts # 8881 and 8883)
  • Power Functions are great for kids in K-2nd and kids just starting out with our programs. 

Code It!

  • Higher difficulty levels of the model can utilize the Move Hub and Medium Linear motor available with the LEGO Boost line of sets (from or these are set#17101 - The Boost Creative Toolbox and set#75253 Star Wars Boost Droid Commander). 
  • Or purchase these parts separately from LEGO: Move Hub #88006, Medium Linear Motor #88008 and optionally the Color & Distance Sensor #88007
  • Tablets- In order to use bluetooth hubs to control Powered Up motors and connect sensors, you will need a tablet that can install the LEGO Powered Up app. (runs on all recent iPads and most Android tablets that use the Google Play store). If you are only using the Power Functions motor & battery, you will not need a tablet.

3- Receive the First Month of Classes Free!

Once you get your kit, you'll have access to the free trial month -- it includes 4 weeks of lessons that unlock once-a-week.

  • At the end of the month, you'll be ready to sign up as a monthly member, for new models to build every week.

  • $39/month
  • Cancel any time.
  • New class every Monday.
  • Designed for kids in Kindergarten-5th grade.
  • Requires internet access.
  • Broken pieces? As long as you are a current member, bring any broken pieces from the kit and we will replace them at no extra charge. Colors may vary based on available stock. 

Need more information? See our MBA @Home FAQs Page or contact us

In-Person and Bundled Membership also available! See In-Person Membership for more details.