Read Testimonials from families who had a Birthday Party at Bricks 4 Kidz Knoxville

The following reviews have all been left on our Facebook page by satisfied birthday party customers:
  • "Attended a birthday party and the staff were amazing in organizing and overseeing the party. The store is a great idea but the people make it even better."
    -- Danny M.


  • " My granddaughter had her 6th birthday party here yesterday. It was great!!!! The kids loved it and I know my daughter and SIL loved it also. The hosts were great! I felt a little guilty about not having to clean up but that's just old school Nona stuff. I would recommend it to anyone wanting a wonderful experience for the birthday girl or boy and a hassle free one for the parents."
    -- Julia R.


  • "We held our six-year-old's birthday party here over the weekend, and we couldn't have asked for a better experience! The space and the hosts were very welcoming, and the kids had a blast! Chris and Maria were so attentive and engaged with the kids - nobody got bored or left out, and even the parents had fun creating and building! ;) This was the perfect party for our Lego-crazy guy. *Thank you*, we will definitely be back!!"
    -- Lorien F.


  • "Bricks 4 Kids is amazing! We just had my daughters birthday here, and it was a breeze. Chris is so easy to work with and the kids were involved with working with the legos. By far the least stressful birthday party I have ever thrown. Loved it!"
    -- Candace D.


  • "We had our son's 5th birthday party here and we couldn't have asked for a better experience. Chris and Paulina were wonderful hosts and great with the kids. Not only did the kids have a great time the parents also had a great time building Lego's! It is the most perfect place for any Lego enthusiast!"
    -- Amy. T.


  • "We had our daughter’s 6th bday there with about 20 kids and they all loved it! The owners and staff were just awesome!"
    -- Deepa P.


  • "Having a birthday party at Bricks 4 Kids is AMAZING! I’m serious. It is worth every penny to be able to sit back and relax and they take care of absolutely everything for you! We arrived about 30 minutes before the party. I was nervous knowing we needed to get the food and cake set up quick. However, as soon as we walked in, the owners Chris and his wife, Maria, took everything off our hands and did it all for us! They setup our crockpots of BBQ and Baked Beans, drinks, etc. I love that they let us bring whatever we wanted. So many event venues have so many restrictions, but they were so great to work with and were open to all our ideas! They also provided so much for us (cake plates, eating utensils, ice-cream scoop, lighter, napkins, table cloths, you name it and it was all color coordinated with Lego colors. Super cute! They even made a Happy Birthday sign out of Legos that was hung up on a Lego wall! I also loved that they host it, so as soon as guests start coming in they greet them and direct them throughout the party. When it was time for cake and ice-cream I dreaded having to cut all that cake and scoop out all that ice-cream because we had about 50 guests total and I knew it would take a while and I really wanted to enjoy playing with the kids. Again, Chris and Maria (his wife) handled everything for us! Maria cut all the cake and Chris scooped it for everyone. I was able to just sit back and enjoy the party and playing with the kids and mingling with the adults. Having parties at home can be so time-consuming when you feel like you need to clean the house spotless, decorate, host the party yourself and wait on guests the whole time, only to have to clean up a big mess again right after. But having a party at Bricks 4 Kidz is relaxing and fun! You practically just show up and get to enjoy the party as if you are one of the guests instead of the one having the party. Kids had open play time while guests were arriving and eating, them we did cake, then presents, and then the last hour Chris brought all the kids together for a circle time to let them know about each of the stations, and then the kids got to decide which station they wanted to go to and could just do whatever they were interested in. They also made a mini figure to take home for their party favor (if you choose that package). The biggest hit was the Spin Art with mechanical Legos!! So cool and kids got to take their paper plate spin art with them! We had a great time! Highly recommend!!!! The price is so worth the experience! .... Forgot to mention another great perk is when you have a birthday party here, it’s a private event and no one other than who you invite is there. I loved this because the kids could go wild and run around playing and I didn’t have to worry about watching them every second and making sure they weren’t running off like other venues such as Chuck E. etc. where so many other people you don’t know are there also. So much more relaxing!"
    -- Josh and Amanda H.


  • "Have had 2 birthday parties there. Fantastic people and kids (and adults) love it. Lots of fun."
    -- Christopher G.