Current COVID-19 Policies* (updated 01/06/2021)
*Disclaimer: Policy subject to change.

We require a guardian waiver at the door, an external non-contact thermometer check taken by our staff for any person planning to stay longer than the time taken to drop-off, and clean hands.

We follow the Five Core Actions outlined below, and expect patrons to do the same.

No one with a high temperature will be admitted. No one exhibiting symptoms that could be COVID-19 will be admitted.

Adults and children 12+ are required to wear a cloth face covering, per the Knox County Board of Health, and recommendations from state, local, national, and international governing authorities. We recognize that some folks have health issues that prevent them from wearing a mask. We assume that any adult who is not wearing a mask has the proper medical authorization to do this.

We have disposable adult -and children-sized masks on hand at the door for any patrons who may need them.

Our Facility and the Five Core Actions
We take the health and safety of our staff, students, families, and customers very seriously. 
  1. Physical Distancing. Class sizes will be limited to 6-12 students. Students will be spread around the room with a maximum of 4 students to a large table. Students will build independently using provided kits.
  1. Face Masks
    Pursuant to Knox County Board of Health Regulation No. 2020-1, “COVID-19 Face Covering Regulation,” we are encouraging all persons 12+ to wear a cloth face covering. The staff will be wearing face masks. Any child who brings a face mask will be encouraged to wear it if requested by their guardian. The restroom remains open for enrolled children only.
  1. Proper Hand-washing. Students are required to use hand sanitizer or soap-and-water to wash their hands upon arrival and as necessary throughout the class period.
  1. Cleaning Surfaces. Before and after each class, every table surface, door handle, light switch, and other common touch-points will be disinfected. Kits and materials will also be disinfected as necessary between uses.
  1. Stay Home if You are sick. Upon arrival to class each week, your child's temperature will be taken before admittance, and you will be asked to confirm that neither your child nor family members have any symptoms of being sick. If you are unsure about an illness, please err on the side of caution. If your child is sick or has symptoms of being sick, and you call or email before 10am, you will be given class credit toward the next month's registration.