April | Master Brick Academy (K-6th+)

Bricks Advanced Tech Teacher
Bricks 4 Kidz Creativity Center (location map)
Tuesday, 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
04/06/21 - 04/27/21 (4 weeks)


Master Brick Academy

COVID-19: Families are expected to be aware of and adhere to our current COVID policies (see the COVID link above).
For simplicity in the enrollment process, this class registration includes all 3 classes that we have previously titled:
* STEAM Builders (K-3rd)
* Jr Robotics (2nd-5th)
* Advanced Robotics (4th-6th+)
This registration is a monthly, recurring membership with benefits.
Open registration
Families already enrolled do not need to re-enroll from month to month. This registration will only be open when there are seats available in the class.
STEAM Builders
> Our youngest builders (K-3rd) start out in the S.T.E.A.M. Builder series, where we focus on basic technic building skills and introductory engineering concepts. Students earn their "motor badge" which allows them to motorize their creations, and work through multiple difficulty levels of each week's model. 
JR Robotics
> Our Jr Robotics builders (2nd-5th) have their basic technic building skills down, have earned their motor badges, and are building and modifying at higher difficulty levels, and learning how to copy build and recall engineering concepts to solve building challenges. They are also learning to code and all of their models will be run from tablets and often include sensors as their creations interact with their environment.
Advanced Robotics
> Advanced robotics builders (4th-8th) can fly through all the "standard" LEGO technic, have a basic understanding of coding, and are now ready to work with LEGO's most challenging robotics kits -- MindStorms and the brand new "Spike Prime".
Placement & Growth
We initially place your child based on prior experience in our program, or, for new enrollees, at the lowest starting level for their grade level (e.g. a student new to us in 3rd grade would start out with STEAM Builders (K-3rd) to ensure they have the building skills needed to handle Jr Robotics, before moving up. 
Our goal every year is to start kids "where they are" and take them "as far as they can go" in a way that engages their thinking, challenges their building skills, and does it in a fun way.
Subscription & billing
Subscription renews once-a-month and your card will be charged unless you cancel, prior to the charge date. You will be sent an email 3-7 days prior to each charge date as a reminder.  If you would prefer to pay in-person, you may do so the week prior to a charge date.

Upcoming Meetings
04/13/21    12:30 PM Tuesday 04/13/21 12:30 PM
04/20/21    12:30 PM Tuesday 04/20/21 12:30 PM
04/27/21    12:30 PM Tuesday 04/27/21 12:30 PM