About Evening LEGO Classes

About Our Evening LEGO Classes

We offer evening editions of several of our popular classes for your convenience.

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Overview of Age Levels and Availability of Evening Classes for 2019-20

  • Jr Robotics & Coding | (2nd-5th Grade) | (offered Thursday evening)
  • STORY Builders (Stop-Motion Animation & Comic Creation) | (2nd-6th grade) | (offered Monday evening)
  • MindStorms EV3 Robotics | (4th-6th Grade) | (offered Tuesday evening)

Weekly Schedule Overview for 2019-20


  • Evening - 6-7:30 Story Builders (2nd-6th) - starts September and January (12 week semesters)


  • Evening - 6-7:30 MindStorms Robotics (4th-8th) - starts September, January (12 week semesters)


  • Evening - 6-7:30 Jr Robotics (2nd-5th) - starts September and January (12 week semesters)

Jr Robotics & Coding (2nd-5th)

This class travels beyond the basics of building and engineering with LEGO motors, gears and axles, to kick it up a notch with coding and sensors. Not only will our LEGO models move and groove, but we will have an increased level of control over them as we learn how to drop blocks of code in that tell our contraption how far to go, when to stop, what sound to make, what to do when it detects something in front of it, and a lot more.

We will work primarily with LEGO WeDo, but also Scratch, Ozobots and more.

Each class is a new STEAM adventure as we learn about some aspect of the world around us, and then build a cool, mechanical or motorized model of it using LEGO & technic bricks, gears, axles, motors, and lots of other special pieces. Children usually work together with a partner through an instruction manual for the "build of the day" but will also have time to modify and be creative with the model, as well as build creatively at the beginning and end of each class period.

Story Builders (2nd-6th)

Kids love creating stories and kids love building with LEGO. Why not combine the two into an opportunity to tell those stories through visual media by writing their own comic books, and making their own movies with LEGO people and pieces! Each week we will learn about the things that go into visual story telling -- set building, taking pictures, adding dialog and sound, frames per second, special effects and more. Each week we will complete a different project, sometimes taking home a comic book we've created, and other weeks getting to have our LEGO Movies posted to YouTube!

We will use computers and tablets. Some projects will be done solo, others will be done working with partners or groups.

We will use some specially curated videos from YouTube for demonstration purposes and teachers will be uploading videos to YouTube. Children will not have direct access to YouTube or the internet.

MindStorms EV3 Robotics (4th-8th)

Bricks 4 Kidz MindStorms EV3 Robotics makes robotics accessible for kids - we teach kids the 3 key components of physical robotics: Movement, Sensors, and Programming. We use the LEGO MindStorms EV3 set with models and challenges that are designed just for kids. Whether your child has built with the EV3 before or not, this class will help them take their skill set to the next level, in a cooperative environment where we learn, build, and play with robotics the Bricks 4 Kidz way!

Each week will feature a different model and programming challenge accessible to novice builders, as well as advanced challenges for kids with more experience and those who catch on quick.

Grade Level: This class is recommended for children 4th through 6th grade. For 4th graders, it is recommended that they already be advanced builders with some LEGO (WeDo or Boost) robotics and programming experience. If you're not sure, we recommend our Jr Robotics class.